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Welcome to the Klondike Snowmobile Association! Becoming a K.S.A. member is a quick and easy way to support Yukon snowmobiling, a winter tourism industry, multi-use trails, the Trans Canada Trail, snowmobile safety and education programs, and more.

To sign up you don’t need to own a snowmobile and volunteering your time is completely optional.  With many projects simply having higher membership numbers can make a huge difference when working with governments or applying for funding. Your membership fees help support the Trans Canada Trail and other multi-use trails throughout the Yukon, so in addition to snowmobilers a variety of other user groups will also benefit from your support.

Also, with our extensive list of Membership Benefits, your K.S.A. card will pay for itself over and over!

All memberships are valid until the end of September each year, after which you have the option of renewing.  Memberships currently being sent out are valid from the day you receive your card until 30 September 2018.  To renew your membership please use the same form and fees as new members, and mail it in early so we can get you your new card before the old one expires. At the beginning of each September we mail out a membership form to all of our current members, and we also send out a reminder e-mail with a link to our online membership form.

Four types of memberships to choose from…

  1. Single – $20 per year and you receive a membership for one.
  2. Family – $30 per year and you receive a membership for everyone living at your address.
  3. Corporate – $105 ($100 + $5 GST) per year, this offers a simple, affordable and effective way for your business to support snowmobiling in the Yukon.
  4. Corporate Gold – $315 ($300 + $15 GST) per year, similar to a Corporate Membership but offers extra support Yukon snowmobilers and also provides your company with an excellent advertising opportunity. See our membership benefits page for details.


Five ways to sign up for the K.S.A…

  1. Click here to fill out a membership form online, print the completed form, and mail it along with your membership fee to:
    Klondike Snowmobile Association
    4061 4th Avenue
    Whitehorse, Yukon
    Canada Y1A 1H1
  2. Visit Sport Yukon (4061 4th Avenue in Whitehorse, open Monday through Friday 08.30-16.30) in person, fill out a form there, and leave it and your membership fee with them.
  3. Call Sport Yukon at (867) 668 4236 with your names and credit card information.
  4. Come see us at various events around Whitehorse, they’ll be listed on the Events page.
  5. Several of our trail heads have a small supply of membership forms, as well as maps and other goodies. Please feel free to pick one up to fill out and mail in when you get home.  Also many of our volunteers keep a stash on their machines while out on the trail, come say hi and we’ll be happy to sign you up…


How to Pay…

– Please send in your membership fee along with your completed membership form.
– Cheques can be made payable to Klondike Snowmobile Association.
– Cash, debit, Visa and Master Card are also accepted at the front desk at Sport Yukon.

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