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March 2017


Travel Advisory For Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site (Skagway Summit Area)

The White Pass and Yukon Route railway has cleared their tracks up to and including the section between Log Cabin and Bennett. They are kindly asking snowmobilers to avoid the railway right of way, due to trains and other heavy equipment using the railway and also exposed tracks can be hazardous to sledders. For any questions or additional information please contact the Site Superintendent, e-mail: , phone: 867 667 3914, fax: 867 393 6701.



January 2017


K.S.A. Group Rides

One of the top three themes in the “What would you like to see the K.S.A. do this year?” section of our membership forms has been more group rides and activities, so here they are! So far we have planned an ice fishing day on February 4th, a take a friend snowmobiling ride on February 11th, and a Dawson Overland Trail group ride on March 5h. For full details on any of our events please check out our Events page, and don’t forget to put your name down as going on our Facebook page!

December 2016

New Research and Survey on Health Benefits of Snowmobiling

The Canadian Council of Snowmobile Associations has recently endorsed new research into the health benefits of snowmobiling. A big part of the research is a new survey reaching out to snowmobilers from all over Canada and the U.S.A. We are kindly asking all K.S.A. members to help out by taking the survey.

This is a follow-up study to one previously done on the relationship between OHV (ATV, dirt bike) use and physical activity. As previously reported in the K.S.A. News, OHV use was found to be at least as physically demanding as a brisk walk. We need this research on snowmobile use specifically because many federal and provincial/territorial funding programs are exclusive to “active” recreation and exclude snowmobiling based on the mistaken assumption that snowmobiling is the physical equivalent to sitting on the couch. Consequently, organized snowmobiling misses out on funding opportunities for trail projects and grooming equipment. We need to show the funding agencies that snowmobiling is a physical activity. This especially true in the Yukon where, unlike Ontario and Quebec, most snowmobiling is done on tight, twisty trails or off-trail and can be very physically demanding.

Take the survey today! This survey closes on 15 January 2017.



October 2016

City of Whitehorse South Trail Plan Survey

The City of Whitehorse is asking the public to fill out a short survey regarding the new Whitehorse South Trail Plan. The survey is available by clicking here. Please fill it out and submit it to Marc Boulerice at or drop off your completed survey to City of Whitehorse Parks and Community Development at 4061 4th Avenue in Whitehorse. The City of Whitehorse has asked that all completed surveys be submitted by Friday 07 Oct 2016.


City of Whitehorse South Trail Plan Survey

The City of Whitehorse is asking the public to fill out a short survey regarding the new Whitehorse South Trail Plan. The survey is available by clicking here. Please fill it out and submit it to Marc Boulerice at or drop off your completed survey to City of Whitehorse Parks and Community Development at 4061 4th Avenue in Whitehorse. The City of Whitehorse has asked that all completed surveys be submitted by Friday 07 Oct 2016.


City of Whitehorse begins planning for Whitehorse South Trail Plan

The City of Whitehorse will be launching a new Whitehorse South trail plan. The plan will cover a variety of motorized multi-use and non-motorized multi-use trails in and around Squatters Row, Canyon Crescent, Whitehorse Copper, MacCrae, Pineridge, Wolf Creek, Mary Lake, Spruce Hill, Cowley Creek and Golden Horn. The City will also be hosting an open house on 04 Oct 2016 from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Golden Horn Elementary School library to discuss ideas for the new plan. Please come on out and help develop a community supported plan for your area! Any questions or concerns please contact the City of Whitehorse Parks and Community Development at 867 668 8325.



September 2016


K.S.A. Launches New Snowmobile Buy and Sell Page

The Klondike Snowmobile Association has a brand new Snowmobile Buy and Sell page, check it out today at! Ad posting is free for all members and we accept both for sale ads and looking for ads for anything to do with snowmobiling. Sleds, parts, accessories, helmets, boots, trailers, sled decks, you name it we list it!


Please Respect Private Property

There has been several incidences in and around Whitehorse lately of motorized vehicle operators making excessive noise and causing damage on and around private property. The K.S.A. would like to remind everyone to please be respectful of others while operating any motorized vehicle. We’ve also recently been asked by the Yukon Cross Country Motorcycle Association to help spread the word about respecting other people and their property. Remember folks, it only takes one bad apple to give us all a bad name…



June 2016

The Great Trail

Now that the 24,000 km long Trans Canada Trail is nearly complete, they have proudly introduced a new image and a new way to talk about the Trans Canada Trail, “The Great Trail”. Check it out on their newly launched website, and read all about it in the Globe and Mail’s special feature on the The Great Trail at


City of Whitehorse Releases Draft of Chadburn Lake Park Management Plan

The City of Whitehorse has recently released a draft of their Chadburn Lake Management Plan. They are now seeking public comments. Please visit to review the draft plan and see their accompanying “What We Heard and How We Considered Your Input” document. The deadline to submit your comments is 30 June 2016.

The City is also holding three events for the public to come out and chat with the planners and provide feedback. There will be a Main Street ‘Pop-Up Park’ on Tuesday, June 14th, 10am – 3pm, between the White Pass Building and The Old Fire Hall; a barbecue on Wednesday, June 15th, 3:30pm – 7:30pm, on the Riverdale side of the Rotary Centennial Bridge (blue foot bridge); and a Fireweed Market Booth on Thursday, June 16th, 3pm – 8pm, at Shipyards Park.

Participants will be entered in a draw for a $100 Canada Games Centre certificate. For more information contact

The K.S.A. encourages everyone to check out the plan and submit any comments.



April 2016


Klondike Snowmobile Association Joins Twitter

We’ve just set up a Twitter account, check it out @KSAyukon! We’ll be running it along side our website and Facebook page as another method to help generate interest and keep Yukoners informed about Yukon snowmobiling related news, events, trail conditions, etc. As Twitter is still new to us we would be (as always) more than happy to hear any comments or suggestions.



March 2016


A Message from Recreation Sites and Trails BC…

While sledding in the Log Cabin area near the cross country ski trails please be aware that motorized use in winter can damage the trail surface when it is groomed for skiing. Please refrain from riding on the ski trails. Your co-operation is appreciated.

The Log Cabin Ski Trails are established as Recreation Trails under the Forest and Range Practices of B.C. with the intent and purpose of non-motorized recreational activities only, unless authorized. The trails are managed and maintained by local volunteers under a Partnership Agreement between the Log Cabin Ski Society and Recreation Sites and Trails B.C.

If you have any questions or require further information on the Log Cabin Ski Trail system please contact the Recreation Sites and Trails Branch office in Terrace, British Columbia at: 250-638-5100 or at



February 2016


The Yukon Achieves Full Trans Canada Trail Connection

The Trans Canada Trail and the Klondike Snowmobile Association are proud to announce that the Trans Canada Trail has been fully connected in the Yukon! The Yukon is Canada’s third province/territory, after Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward Island, to reach this milestone. For more information, check out the Yukon Trans Canada Trail section of our website!



September 2015


New Discount for Snowmobile Rentals

Yukon Wide Adventures is now offering a 10% discount on snowmobile rentals for all members of the Klondike Snowmobile Association. Check them out today at !



August 2015


Membership Season Is Here!

The leaves are changing, and that means membership time! Your 2014/2015 K.S.A. membership will expire on 30 September 2015, and renewal notices will be going out shortly. This year, in an effort to save volunteer time and mailing cost, we are encouraging all members to send in your renewals early so we can get right to mailing you your 2015/2016 card instead of a renewal notice. Also, now is the time to encourage your friends to sign up as new members so they can get the most out of their 2015/2016 K.S.A. membership card! For more information and to print a membership form please see our Membership page.



April 2015


Rotary Centennial Bridge

Over the past several months there has been several meetings and public input opportunities regarding the possibility of the City of Whitehorse re designating the Rotary Centennial Bridge as multi-use, allowing snowmobiles, ATVs, etc., to use it as a safe method of crossing the Yukon River in Whitehorse. After some consideration City Council has voted to keep the bridge off limits to motorized users. Despite this loss the K.S.A. will continue to look into and work with the City on finding a safe, cost effective method of joining the two sides of Whitehorse for snowmobiling. If any of our members have ideas to share please feel free to contact us.



December 2014


McLean Lake Trail Re-route

The McLean Lake trail has been re-routed in the McLean Lake Road area to accommodate a new gravel pit going in.  The new trail leaves the old trail shortly before the McLean Lake Road crossing via a right turn when coming from Granger/Copper Ridge heading to the Copper Haul, or a left when coming from Copper Haul heading to Granger/Copper Ridge. The new section travels farther up west, crosses the road near the existing gravel pits on McLean Lake Road, and then rejoins the old trail on the other side.  Please note the new section has some rough areas as it is still under construction.  Signage is up to indicate the new route.

November 2014


K.S.A. Safety Trailer For Sale…

Several years ago, with the help of several local sponsors, the Klondike Snowmobile Association acquired a tandem axle enclosed trailer, and did it up as a Safety Trailer. Some of the original plans included taking it around to local businesses and having it open to the public during membership drives, and also taking it around to the communities and offering snowmobile safety courses. Unfortunately for our Safety Trailer, over the years the insurance rules, availability of facilities and volunteers, and general goals of the K.S.A. have evolved and the use of this trailer has steadily declined for several years now. At a recent board meeting it was decided that rather than have the trailer sit under a snowbank and further depreciate, it should instead be sold to someone who can use it and the money put towards our plans for a newer larger groomer. Anyone interested in purchasing the trailer can contact the K.S.A. for further details.


Make your voice count!

For years, the Klondike Snowmobile Association and other motorized user groups have sought a safe way for people to cross the Yukon River with their snowmobiles and ATVs. We have asked city council to allow us to cross the Rotary Centennial Bridge in Riverdale. Non-motorized advocates have begun a letter wiring campaign to city hall to oppose designating the Rotary Centennial Bridge as motorized multi-use. We need as many people as possible to let city hall know that Riverdale residents need a safe way to cross the river with their recreational vehicles. Please sign a copy of our RCB Letter or write your own letter of support to designate the Rotary Centennial Bridge as motorized multi-use. Letters can be sent to or dropped off at city hall. This issue will come to a council vote soon so please send city hall a letter this week.

Mark Daniels
Klondike Snowmobile Association



October 2014


K.S.A. Update

Another winter season is upon us, and with a new winter season comes a new K.S.A. Membership season. 2013/2014 Memberships expired on 30 Sep 2014, so if you haven’t already be sure to renew your membership ASAP! Membership fees and application process are the same as last year; $20 for single, $30 for family, $100 for corporate and $300 for corporate gold. Please mail your form and cheque to us, or drop off your form and cheque or cash at Sport Yukon. The form was mailed to all current members, and is also available at several locations around the Yukon and on our website under Membership Form. Don’t forget to tell your friends!

Mark your calendars for December 1st at 7 pm, we’ll be having the K.S.A. Annual General Meeting and everyone is invited! Check out or Events page for more details.

Interested in volunteering this year? We have several projects on the go and extra help is always appreciated. Please contact us at or come on out to one of our monthly meetings (times and locations are listed on our Events page) if you are interested.

Poker Run ideas? As mentioned in a previous K.S.A. News update, the 2014 Annual Charity Poker Run was cancelled due to declining attendance. As we have consistently heard around town that the new Whitehorse Snowmobile Bylaw was a major factor in the declining attendance, we are seeking out ideas from our members on how we can bring back this event in such a way that will once again bring out a large enough crowd of riders to make it worth the time and effort that goes in to organizing it. If you have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions please let us know via email ( or via our Facebook page.

For more news, including stories on some new bylaws that may affect snowmobiling around Whitehorse, some trail projects in the Crestview area, and more, check out our Fall 2014 Newsletter.



February 2014


K.S.A. Annual Charity Poker Run Cancelled for 2014

Unfortunately the K.S.A. will not host our Annual Charity Poker Run this year.  The past couple of years have seen declining attendance and it’s come to the point where we question if the effort is worth the return.  Snowmobilers have consistently told us that the City of Whitehorse Snowmobile Bylaw restriction on family rides is the reason they’ve stopped coming to our event.  We have always opposed this restriction and we will continue to lobby the city for change.

The K.S.A. is open to suggestions from the membership regarding the future of this event.  We would love to continue the tradition so please let us know if you have any ideas to help make the poker run viable again.



January 2014


Special Safety Week Offer – 33% Off Whitehorse Safe Snowmobiler Card

In celebration of Snowmobile Safety Week, January 18-26 2014, there is a special limited time offer to save 1/3 on the Whitehorse Safe Snowmobiler Card, which is required for all Whitehorse residents who operate a snowmobile within the city limits.  Regular price is a one-time fee of $34.95, but anyone who registers between 18 Jan 2014 and 26 Jan 2014 will get 33% off.  Please check out for more information and to get your card.


Mt Sima Welcomes All Members of the Klondike Snowmobile Association!

Mt. Sima ski hill has generously welcomed members of the K.S.A. by granting membership to the Last Run Lounge on the upper floor of the chalet.  Please show your K.S.A. Membership Card to sign in, and then sit back and enjoy some good food and a coffee or hot chocolate (alcohol is also available, but please remember the K.S.A.’s zero tolerance policy and don’t drink if you are going to be sledding). In addition, a new snowmobile-only parking area has been set up near the entrance to the parking lot, please ask inside if you have any questions on where to park snowmobiles or truck and trailers.  Mt Sima would also like to take the opportunity to wish all members of the K.S.A. a safe and happy 2014!



December 2013


We would like to welcome our newest corporate member, and our newest Membership Benefit, Trails North!

Trails North, on the Alaska Highway just north of Porter Creek in Whitehorse, has signed up as a new K.S.A. Corporate Member; and also has generously offered all K.S.A. members a new 10% discount at the Trails North restaurant (excludes alcohol)…  Please stop in for a great snack, lunch, dinner or even just a hot cup of coffee!   They also have a motel and gas/propane service.  The gas pumps are easily accessed by snowmobile from the trail that connects from the Copper Haul Trail.

Speaking of which, we’d like to remind all users that the trail has been re-routed slightly, before it came out on the north end of their lot, and as of this fall it now joins the Trails North parking lot at the far south corner of their lot.



November 2013


Copper Haul End of McLean Lake Trail Gets Some Improvements

The McLean Lake Trail finally got some much needed leveling at the Copper Haul end, and that area of the Copper Haul Road also saw some improvements this fall.   Thanks to everyone who donated the time and equipment to do the work!


Urban Connector Trail Re-Route by Trails North

Please note that as per Trails North, the multi-use trail that meets the Alaska Highway through the north end of the Trails North parking lot has been re-routed, it now meets the highway at the south end of their property. The new section begins at the rear south corner of their lot and loops around directly behind their lot, and rejoins the old existing trail near the north corner just before where it used to open into their parking lot.  Signs are up to indicate where the new trail is, and we kindly ask all trail users to respect the property owners and use this new route.


Canadian Avalanche Centre Warns Backcountry Users About New Smartphone Apps

Apps marketed as transceivers give users false sense of protection…
Oct 24, 2013, Revelstoke, BC: Smartphone avalanche search applications that are marketed as avalanche rescue systems are not recommended, says the Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC).  Three European-made apps are presenting themselves as economical alternatives to avalanche transceivers, the electronic device used by backcountry users to find buried companions in case of an avalanche. 

For more info please see the full article on the Canadian Avalanche Centre’s website at:


Smartphone Avalanche Search Apps — A Review

Smartphones are popular—in Canada, around 56% of people use one.  Recently apps have appeared on the market designed to allow one smartphone to search for another in avalanche rescue scenarios. In this way, users are given avalanche victim search functionality on their handheld device. There are currently three apps available: iSis Intelligent (Mountain) Rescue System; Snøg Avalanche Buddy; and SnoWhere.  The iSis and Snøg apps are available for iPhone only. SnoWhere is an Android only app. Such apps are referred to as smartphone avalanche search apps.

For more on this please see the full article on the Canadian Avalanche Centre’s website at:




September 2013


It’s Membership Season!

It’s that time of year again… The leaves are turning, the snow is coming, but your K.S.A. membership is expiring!  Fresh membership forms are being sent out this week to all current K.S.A. members, please fill out the form and send it back with your membership fee ASAP so we can get you your new card before the old one expires (All 2012/2013 K.S.A. membership cards expire on 30 September 2013).  Alternatively, our online form can also be used.  Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in the K.S.A., help us spread the word and direct them to our website!

For new members, now is the best time of year to sign up and start taking advantage of our membership benefits!  Check out or membership page for more details on how to sign up…




January 2013


Clinton Creek Mine Site Warning

The Yukon Government advises that access to the Clinton Creek Mine Site is now prohibited.  This abandoned mine site is unstable and dangerous and there is a risk of serious injury or death.  For more information, please call 867 456 6147.




December 2012


City of Whitehorse Trails…

The City of Whitehorse recently hosted several task force meetings to designate trail usage in the City.  The meetings were divided into two areas, “East of the Yukon River” (Riverdale area) and “Above the Airport” (Granger, Copper Ridge, Hillcrest, etc.)  Everyone is encouraged to tell the city what you think about trail designation in these areas by completing the on-line surveys.  The surveys are available at  until 04 Jan 2013.




October 2012


Sima Creek Bridge is now open…

The new Rodney Cox Memorial Bridge over Sima Creek on Whitehorse’s Copper Haul Trail is now open for use!   The grand opening ceremony took place just in time for winter, and we’d like to thank everyone who made the bridge possible – especially the Cox family for their years of dedication to the K.S.A.!




September 2012


Sima Creek Bridge…

The Sima Creek bridge replacement project on Whitehorse’s Copper Haul Trail is now well underway.  Please note that the old bridge will be taken out either Wednesday 19 Sep 2012 or Thursday 20 Sep 2012, and the new larger bridge will be put in its place over the next couple weeks.   The grand opening and dedication ceremony is planned for Wednesday, 10 Oct 2012 at 15.30.




March 2012


Sled Smarter Avalanche Safety Giveaway…

The Yukon Avalanche Association is giving away a complete set of Avalanche Safety Gear for your backcountry adventures!  For more details and to enter please visit their contest website at:


City of Whitehorse Adopts New Snowmobile Bylaw… 

After several months of drafting, consulting & reviewing the City of Whitehorse has adopted a new Whitehorse Snowmobile Bylaw as of 27 Feb 2012.  Please see our Whitehorse Snowmobile Bylaws page for more information.




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