Annie Lake Road Parking

Annie Lake Road Parking

12 December 2020 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Hi everyone! We’ve been asked to share a message regarding the parking area at the second bridge / end of maintained section of the Annie Lake Road.

There have been several reports lately of snowmobilers leaving trucks and trailers parked here in such a way that they are blocking the turnaround and/or driveway.

Snowmobilers are more than welcome to continue parking their trucks and trailers here, but please make sure you park in such a way that other people still have room to come in and turn around at all times.

This small parking area is popular with several user groups, and also serves as a much needed turn around area for other motorists and highway maintenance equipment.

Also please note directly across the road from the parking area is a private driveway. The owner of the property comes and goes quite regularly and is asking everyone to please stop blocking their driveway, and instead use the designated parking area on the east side of the road.

Thank you all in advance for ensuring there is adequate turn around space and the driveway is accessible at all times going forward. If we all continue to do this we can look forward to many more years of fun in this great snowmobiling area!

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