Copper Haul Update – September 2020

Copper Haul Trail Update – September 2020

04 September 2020 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Work will be continuing on wildfire fuel abatement projects along The Great Trail in Whitehorse this winter, with this season’s work focusing on the Copper Haul Trail in the Mt. Sima area south to the Mary Lake area.

Crews and equipment will be working on and near the trail, and trail users are asked to please slow down and use extra caution in the area, and to consider using alternative routes when practical.

We recognize these ongoing fuel abatement projects are an inconvenience to mutli-use trail users, however once completed they are expected to leave behind an improved trail surface with less overgrowth issues and improved sight lines. This will result in significant improvements to several areas of main line multi-use trail through Whitehorse in addition to the safety benefits during future wildfire seasons.

We’d like to thank all multi-use trail users for their continued patience and understanding during these fuel abatement projects and we look forward to enjoying the trail improvements with you soon!

Yukon Government News release:

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