K.S.A. Events Survey Result

Klondike Snowmobile Association Events Survey Result

13 September 2018 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Thank you to everyone who completed our K.S.A. Events survey!

During the 2017/2018 snowmobiling season the K.S.A. organized several group snowmobile events. For the most part they were successful, however we couldn’t help but notice that, despite record membership levels, attendance at our events had declined vs previous years.

To help us understand why and to better plan our future events to give Yukoners more of what they really want we decided to do a survey. Our K.S.A. Events Survey was an online survey consisting of ten multiple choice questions that we ran for approximately six months and invited all of our members to complete. The overall message we received from our members was to continue hosting events similar to how we have been, with some minor adjustments.

Some highlights of the survey results:

– Of the respondents approximately 15% were not interested in events, 21% wanted to see more events, and 64% felt that a few simple, inexpensive events are sufficient.

– For riding locations approximately 10% said no need for events, 10% wanted to ride within city limits, 28% wanted to start and end within city limits but take a quick route out and away, and 52% wanted to have events outside of city limits.

– Approximately 7% prefer to snowmobile from their place of residence to an event, another 7% said they would rather truck or trailer their snowmobiles to an event, and over 80% of respondents said they could do either, it depends on the event.

– For food and beverage options the most popular choice was to have some coffee and hot dogs around the fire during the event, the second most popular choice was to just focus on the snowmobiling and then meet somewhere for food or beverages after, and third place was a quick stop for a snack or a sip of coffee.

– When asked what kind of events they’d be interested in attending 65% said yes to short local area rides, 60% yes to long distance rides, 54% yes to poker runs, 46% yes to themed and educational rides, 32% yes to ice fishing days, 25% yes to snowmobile association events that don’t directly involve snowmobiling, and 22% yes to take a friend rides.

– Approximately 80% of the respondents were interested in attending events on Saturdays and Sundays, 25% on Fridays, and the rest of the days were between 13% and 21% interested.

– 52% of respondents would rather snowmobile events start in the morning, 20% mid-day, no votes for afternoon, and 28% said it depends on the event.

– The most preferred way for people to find out about our events was e-mail, second place was our website, and third place was our Facebook page.

– The top three preferred contact methods for last minute updates on events was e-mail, then Facebook, then website.

– 44% of respondents indicated they would like to ride at an event but could help organize and prepare ahead of time, 28% said they were interested in helping out at an event, and 24% would love to help with and/or organize a snowmobile event, and 40% said they like to attend events but don’t want to volunteer.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to complete our survey and we look forward to hosting more snowmobiling events in the future! Stay up to date with all our latest events on our events page at http://ksa.yk.ca/coming-events/

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