New K.S.A. Membership Discount

New K.S.A. Membership Discount

01 September 2019 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

The Klondike Snowmobile Association has for many years offered all of our members a wide variety of benefits and discounts.  For the 2019/2020 membership season we are proud to announce that the list of membership benefits has once again grown longer!

All Klondike Snowmobile Association members can now receive 5% off regularly priced tires and parts at Fountain Tire on 2nd Avenue in Whitehorse.  We would like to thank Fountain Tire for their support and we encourage our members to check them out!

The Klondike Snowmobile Association is proud to offer all of our members a wide variety of membership benefits, and most K.S.A. membership benefits are available year-round, with no snowmobile required. Our benefits are generously provided to us by businesses and associations, so your membership fees continue to go directly to supporting snowmobiling and muti-use trails.

Click here for a complete list of Klondike Snowmobile Association Membership Benefits.

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