Snow Conditions

Snow Conditions

15 January 2018 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Almost anyone living in the Yukon would agree this season’s weather has been way up and way down, and bouncing between the two far faster and more often than usual. As a result we are seeing a challenging year for snow conditions. One day it’s great, next day it’s dangerous…

The Yukon Avalanche Association has put out a public service announcement to warn everyone about very dangerous avalanche conditions expected all around the southern Yukon for January 12th-15th, 2018.

Due to the wide variety of conditions we are seeing and the rapid changes of those conditions, we are encouraging everyone to please check the weather forecasts (available from a wide variety of sources), avalanche conditions (they can be found through the Yukon Avalanche Association), and trail conditions (available right here on the K.S.A. website) before each ride.

Also due to the fast changing conditions, we are asking everyone to please after each ride share the conditions you saw and encountered. Even if they are the same as the last report updating the time and day of those conditions is still a huge help. We accept condition reports via e-mail at, phone or text at 867 667 7680, and through comments and messages on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Avalanche related conditions should also be shared directly with the Yukon Avalanche Association.

Thank you everyone for helping to make snowmobiling safe!

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