Whitehorse Snowmobile Bylaws

Whitehorse Snowmobile Bylaws


City of Whitehorse Bylaws:

–   Current Whitehorse Snowmobile Bylaw  (Bylaw 2012-01)

–   City of Whitehorse Snowmobile Webpage 

–   Get your official City of Whitehorse Safe Snowmobile Card


Basic Operating Rules:

Note: This is a simplified quick-reference guide only, please see the bylaw links above for actual laws and regulations.

  1. Always wear appropriate clothing and an approved helmet when operating and/or riding a snowmobile.
  2. A snowmobile should never be operated in such a manner that can reasonably be considered a nuisance or annoyance to other residents or visitors.
  3. All snowmobiles must have a properly working headlight, tail light and brake light.
  4. No muffler cut-outs, bypasses, straight exhausts, or similar volume-increasing devices may be used within city limits.
  5. Public liability insurance is mandatory for all snowmobiles operating within city limits.
  6. If a person is a resident of Whitehorse, they must obtain a Whitehorse Safe Snowmobiler Card before operating a snowmobile within the city limits.
  7. Never operate a snowmobile on private property without first obtaining the permission of the owner or occupant.
  8. Whenever possible, avoid operating snowmobiles between 11 PM and 7 AM.
  9. A rigid tow bar should be used between a snowmobile and any towed object.
  10. When driving a snowmobile from their place of residence, an operator should take the most direct route to the nearest place where they may lawfully operate a snowmobile. Snowmobiles may not be operated on any roads or highways for any other purpose.
  11. A snowmobile must yield the right of way to all other motor vehicles and pedestrians.
  12. When operating a snowmobile on a roadway never operate on a sidewalk, but always stay as near to the right hand curb or edge of road as practical.
  13. When operating a snowmobile across a highway or road:
    – Always stop before entering onto any kind of highway or roadway
    – Yield the right of way to any approaching vehicles or pedestrians
    – Drive across as near as possible to right angles
  14. Unless otherwise posted, the maximum speed allowed on a snowmobile in city limits is 50 km/h.
  15. Upon meeting or passing pedestrians, skiers, dogs, etc., all snowmobilers must slow to 15 km/h or less and move over as far away as practical to allow safe passing.
  16. Snowmobiles may not be operated in these areas of Whitehorse at any time:
    – Downtown and on the Millennium Trail
    – Boulevards and other restricted roadways
    – Campgrounds, cemeteries and playgrounds
    – Designated environmentally sensitive areas
    – Ski trails
    – Open water
  17. Every driver of a snowmobile must stop immediately if they are signaled or requested to stop by an officer, must remain stopped until the officer permits them to leave, and must provide any information required.


Licensing and Registration Requirements:

As of January 2013, all persons operating a snowmobile within the City of Whitehorse are required to have the following:

  • Either a Whitehorse Safe Snowmobile Card or proof that you are not a resident of Whitehorse
  • A valid drivers license
  • Public liability insurance
  • Valid registration
  • Be wearing an approved helmet at all times while operating snowmobiles



Regardless of whether or not it’s mandatory for the area you’re riding in, for everyone’s safety the K.S.A. highly recommends that everyone uses lights, wears helmets, and carries public liability insurance at all times when operating snowmobiles.



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