Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions


Trail conditions listed here are for reference only, actual conditions will vary. 
Please respect all trail users, give right-of-way to groomers, and report trail conditions to the K.S.A. after your ride. 

*** Unfortunately at this time our Trail Conditions page is only maintained and updated during the Yukon snowmobiling season, usually starting sometime in November and finishing sometime in April.  Please check back then for trail condition updates.  The rest of our website (News, Events, etc.) will continue to be updated year-round.  ***


Trail / Area: Condition: Notes:
Atlin Area No Report
Annie Lake Road / Tally Ho Area No Report
Canol Road No Report
Coal Lake Road No Report Caution trail damage around beaver dam.
Coal Lake Road to Fish Lake No Report
Copper Haul Road
(Fish Lake Rd – McLean Lake Trail)
No Report
Copper Haul Road
(McLean Lake Trail – Mt. Sima Road)
No Report
Copper Haul Road
(Mt Sima Road – Mt Sima via the trail)
No Report When heading south turn right off Copper Haul just before Mt. Sima Road, follow the signs, trail rejoins road shortly before Mt. Sima Ski Hill parking lot.
Copper Haul Road
(Mt Sima Road – Mt Sima along the road)
No Report
Copper Haul Road
(Mt Sima – Wolf Creek)
No Report
Copper Haul/Fish Lake Road to Trails North No Report Note slight trail re-route at Trails North, trail now comes out at the south corner of their property.
Crater Lake Trail No Report
Dawson City Area No Report
Dawson Overland Trail
(Whitehorse – Braeburn)
No Report Caution several flooded sections due to beaver dams.
Haeckel Hill Access Road No Report
Haines Junction Area No Report
Haines Summit Area No Report
Hamilton Blvd Trail No Report
Hamilton Blvd to Kopper King No Report
Hamilton Blvd through tunnel to Airport No Report
Jackson Lake Trail No Report
Mayo Area No Report
McLean Lake Trail No Report Trail has been re-routed where trail crosses McLean Lake Road, new route now crosses road farther west, signs are up to indicate new route. Caution new section is rough and still under construction.
McIntyre Accent No Report
McIntyre Accent to Mt. Sima
(Above Copper Haul)
No Report Caution several sections have lots of low hanging trees and brush.
McIntyre to Fish Lake No Report
McIntyre Valley – Alaska Hwy – Copper Haul No Report Entrance is through Raven’s Ridge at the top end of War Eagle Way.
Porter Creek – Kopper King No Report
Skagway Summit Area No Report Please note some weekends are non-motorized only in the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site (includes loading/unloading at Log Cabin).  Further details and a schedule can be found on our Events page.
Watson Lake Area No Report
Wolf Creek to Annie Lake No Report


The K.S.A. grooms these trails for the City of Whitehorse:

Airport Perimeter Trail No Report Caution multiple unmarked sections along the cliffs that are narrow & avalanche prone.
Crestview Walking Trail
No Report
Whistle Bend Trails No Report
Millennium Trail and Trans Canada Trail from Two Mile Hill to Millennium Trail
No Report Starting February 2015 the K.S.A. will no longer groom this trail for the City, instead the city will plow this trail.




  • Last update: 01 May 2016.
  • Please report trail conditions to (867)-667-7680 or
    The trail conditions listed above are only as up to date as riders like you help us make them. We rely heavily on updates we receive from K.S.A. members and the general public e-mailing us after they’ve been out on the trails. Also please report any damaged or missing signs, gates, etc. The sooner we know about a problem the sooner our volunteers can fix it.
  • Respect all trail users…
    The vast majority of the trails in the Yukon are considered “multi-use”.  This means they are open to snowmobiles, skis, dog sleds, ATVs, bikes, hikers, horses, and everything in between.  Please respect all the user groups, and slow down and give extra room when passing others on the trails.
  • Please give way to groomers…
    Sleds towing groomers are far heavier and less maneuverable than most other sleds on the trail. For the safety of both yourself and our volunteers please slow down and give them the right of way.  Also be aware that our groomers and trail crews may be on any of our trails at any time.
  • Please note wheeled vehicles (Including but not limited to cars, trucks, ATVs, side by sides, dirtbikes, etc.) are not allowed on any of the snowmobile trails or multi-use trails from November 1st through March 31st each year.   All it takes is one wheeled vehicle to shred a trail’s snow base and ruin it for everyone else.
  • For gate access please call us at 667-7680.  Special project?  Did we miss one during the changing of the seasons? Call us and we’ll bring the key! Over the years we’ve spent countless volunteer hours and donated funds repairing damaged and torn down gates, meanwhile there was a perfectly good key sitting beside a perfectly good phone.
  • Interested in Grooming? Trail repairs? We can always use your help!  Please check out or Volunteer page for more information.
  • Looking for a riding buddy?  Post on our Facebook page,



What the conditions mean:

No Report:  No recent reports have been received about this trail.
Closed:  Snowmobiling not recommended, dangerous and/or no snow.
No Snow:  As of last report there is not enough snow to go snowmobiling here.
Plowed:  This trail has been plowed to the point of having little or no snow.
Open:  Trail(s) are in a rideable condition.
Limited:  Trail is rideable but expect little snow, no base, and extreme caution is advised.
Marginal:  Base on trail, but little snow and/or very rough. Travel off trail in this area is not advised.
Rough:  Base on trail, but expect lots of bumps. Travel off trail in this area is not recommended.
Fair:  Trail is in reasonably good condition but expect some bumps. Travel off trail with caution in most areas.
Good:  Base on trail, groomed, lots of snow. Travel off trail should be okay in most areas.
Excellent:  Conditions are perfect.


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