2022 International Snowmobile Safety Week

2022 International Snowmobile Safety Week

15 January 2022 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

January 15th through 23rd is the 28th annual International Snowmobile Safety Week!

Thousands of snowmobile clubs and associations across Canada and around the world participate in snowmobile safety programs, and here at the Klondike Snowmobile Association we are proud to support and promote snowmobile safety programs on a year-round basis.

Join us on our Facebook and Twitter pages as we celebrate International Snowmobile Safety Week by highlight some snowmobile safety tips and links every day this week!

A friendly reminder of some key things you can do to make snowmobiling safe:

  • Ride safe, ride sober.
  • Wear your helmet!
  • Be prepared.
  • Slow down and stay in control.
  • Be avalanche aware and avalanche ready.
  • Know your ice.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Check condition reports before heading out, and send in trail reports after your ride.
  • Join your local snowmobile club, they are a great source of information and they work hard for you year-round!

For more information on these and many more great safety tips be sure to visit the safety page on our website at ksa.yk.ca/safety.

Another snowmobile safety program we highly recommend all snowmobilers check out is Safe Riders! – You Make Snowmobiling Safe at www.snowmobile.org. First endorsed by the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association back in 1995, the Safe Riders! program has since become one of the leading snowmobile safety programs and they have a ton of great safety tips, posters, videos, and more all available for free.

Stay safe everyone!

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