2024 International Snowmobile Safety Week

2024 International Snowmobile Safety Week

13 January 2024 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

January 13th through 21st 2024 is International Snowmobile Safety Week! Snowmobile manufacturers, associations, clubs and riders have been working hard for many years to make snowmobiling a fun and safe method of transportation and recreation, and international snowmobile safety week is an excellent opportunity to share the progress being made and spread the message about safe snowmobiling.

To celebrate international snowmobile safety week the Klondike Snowmobile Association is inviting everyone to join us on our social media pages as we share daily snowmobile safety tips, statistics, posters, and more. Please like often and share widely!

More information on snowmobile safety, including a quick reference safety guide and links to formal courses you can take, is available any time year-round on our website at https://ksa.yk.ca/safety.

Also be sure to check out the Safe Riders program at https://www.saferiderssafetyawareness.org/, it’s an excellent source of information about how to be a safe snowmobiler and has all kinds of posters, videos, courses, quizzes and more that you can access, all for free!

Safe rides everyone!

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