Grooming Season Wraps Up

2021/2022 Grooming Season Wraps Up

09 April 2022 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

The long days of sun are back, and with that comes an end to another season of multi-use trail grooming.

There is still some good spring snowmobiling to be had, however many roads and trails around town have now been plowed and also with the warm weather the snow conditions on most trails are no longer setting up after a groom. If you want to know more about grooming check out our grooming page any time.

A big thank you to our volunteers who spend hundreds of hours each year maintaining and operating our grooming equipment for you! Our volunteers are working for you year-round, and if you are interested in getting involved check out our volunteer page any time.

Also a big thank you to the local businesses who support our groomers with all kinds of help, from squeezing us in on short notice for repairs to helping us out with parts to donating fuel to operate with. We encourage all our members to consider supporting our corporate members.

This year saw many days of challenging trail conditions and mechanical setbacks, but our volunteers successfully made it through, and are now in the process of putting the grooming machines into summer storage.

We thank you all for your continued support and look forward to doing more grooming next year!

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