Coal Lake Trail Head and Staging Area

Coal Lake Trail Head and Staging Area

21 January 2022 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Mt. Sima has kindly asked us to share the following message with our members:

Hello KSA,

Just want to see if you could pass on some information to your members please.

Construction will be starting soon at the Mt. Sima pump house just next to the Cole Lake road trail head. Mt. Sima is currently clearing the parking in the area and up road closer to Sima for offloads and parking. Please insure right of way is maintained for equipment and vehicles. 

There is also trucking of logs from the fire brake past the bridge starting by Yukon Yard Works.

I have looped in City of Whitehorse, contractors and our project manager in this email so we all can insure safe and easy access to the trails.


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