Coming Events

Coming Events

31 January 2023 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Join us for some upcoming snowmobile events and group rides!

February 11th through 20th is International Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week. Do you know someone who doesn’t snowmobile but might be interested in trying it? Is there someone you used to ride with but hasn’t been out lately? This is your chance to dust off your extra gear and take them out for a ride! Take them on your own schedule or join us for our annual K.S.A. Take A Friend Snowmobiling group ride on Saturday 11 February 2023, snowmobilers of all skill levels and sleds of all kinds are welcome to join.

Interested in trying trail grooming? Once some suitable snow conditions return to the Whitehorse area we plan to do another groomer training day, please let us know if you are interested in partaking.

Have you been up the historic Dawson Overland Trail lately? The Yukon River was the only reliable way to go get to Dawson City from the southern Yukon until the early 1900s when an overland winter route was established and used for many years until being replaced by the current highway. Much of this original overland route has since faded into history, however the Whitehorse to Braeburn section is open for adventure! Join us for our annual group snowmobile ride on the Dawson Overland Trail on Saturday 11 March 2023. This year we are starting from the Takhini River Road staging area and we will be riding as far as the half-way cabin and return, allowing time to explore some historic sites and take some minor side trips. Next year we plan to do the same from the Braeburn end.

Do you have an idea for a group ride? Let us know! We’d like to plan a few more group rides over the winter so please let us know when and where you’d be interested in going. Send us an e-mail any time or message us on Facebook, Twitter, or via our website at

As usual, details of all our events and rides are posted on our events page at Please check often as event information is sometimes added or updated on short notice. Also our group rides are dependent on adequate snow and suitable weather conditions, so always be sure to check our events page on the morning of the ride for confirmation.

See you soon!

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