Join ISMA In Taking The Pledge

Join ISMA In Taking The Pledge

06 November 2021 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Join ISMA – International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association – in taking the pledge!

Across North America the freedom to enjoy snowmobiling in many riding areas is being threatened by an abundance of illegal off-trail riding and trespassing. This is becoming a real problem within the snowmobiling industry as more and more people are locking the gates to what were once popular snowmobile trails.

Here in the Yukon we are very lucky to have so many beautiful multi-use trails and off-trail play areas that are completely free and open to snowmobilers. Please help us keep it that way by being a safe rider, respecting other outdoor enthusiasts, avoiding areas that are designated as non-motorized or known to be environmentally sensitive, and never riding on private property without prior permission.

Many well known snowmobilers are joining ISMA in taking the pledge, and you should too!

Take the pledge today…

I realize that illegal off-trail riding is closing access for all snowmobilers and endangering our riding freedoms. This is about more than my personal rights or my wishes – this about the good of the entire riding community. I Pledge to ride off trail only where I know it’s legal and accepted.
I Pledge to check before going off-trail if I don’t know.
I Pledge to protect access for future generations by doing the right thing.
I Pledge to protect access by encouraging those I ride with to take the Pledge also.

For more information and to put your name on the growing list of snowmobilers taking the pledge visit

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