Spring K.S.A. Update

Spring K.S.A. Update

09 May 2023 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Another successful winter has come and gone, and preparations for summer are in full swing!

Our trail conditions page has been put to bed for the summer and will be back next snowmobiling season. A huge thank you to everyone who sent in trail reports this winter, they really do help! The rest of our website will continue to be updated year-round so please check back often for updates on events, news, safety tips, and more.

The grooming fleet is also being put to bed for the summer, and during this time our new groomer will have its final touches finished up and the older machines will be getting some much needed maintenance and servicing, so when the snow flies again we will have a fleet of trail groomers ready for action! Another huge thank you goes out to all of our trail grooming volunteers, they put hundreds of hours into trail grooming this year and did it all for free.

Coming up this summer we have several trail maintenance days in the works, doing some much needed brushing, litter pick up, signage repair, and other general trail maintenance. These are kicking off with a big event on the evening of Monday June 12th, with Trans Canada Trail generously sponsoring the clean up of another section of the Trans Canada Trail. This is a great chance to come out and try some volunteering, and there will be snacks and beverages provided! Check out our events page for more information.

Have you completed ISMA’s end of season snowmobiler survey? You should! It’s fast, easy and free, and it helps the snowmobilers like you by providing the statistics to prove just how big and great snowmobiling is! Check it out today at https://www.snowmobile.org/snowmobiler-survey.html.

Speaking of end of season, now is a great time to make sure your snowmobiles and gear are properly put away for the season. Snowmobiles should be stored slightly off the ground in a sheltered area without too much direct sun, and some fuel stabilizer should help with easier starting next season. Your gear should be cleaned, dried, inspected, and then either repurposed for summer activities or safely stored away ready for next season. Summer is also an excellent time to perform any repairs, maintenance and servicing your snowmobile may need, it’s a lot easier on the fingers working in the warmer weather and you also have time to order any parts you need without sacrificing snowmobiling time. If you have questions your local Yukon snowmobile dealers will be happy to help.

Do you have an idea for a group snowmobile ride next winter? We are hoping to do more group snowmobile rides during the 2023/2024 season, and we are currently seeking ideas and suggestions for where and when you’d like to go, so please contact us to let us know!

Enjoy summer everyone!

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