Summer Trail Work

Volunteers are out on the trails working for you year round!

14 July 2021 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Klondike Snowmobile Association volunteers are out on the trails working for you year-round! This summer we have several trail projects on the go…

During June we received some funding from Trans Canada Trail to brush out and clean up garbage on several sections of Trans Canada Trail around Whitehorse. Next up is installing the new Trans Canada Trail logo on the trail signs, which you will start to see in the near future.

Speaking of signs, the new Trans Canada Trail signs have already arrived for the sections of Trans Canada Trail that follow highways between Yukon communities. Our volunteers will be road tripping to post these in the near future.

Also on the Trans Canada Trail we brushed out the first several kilometres of the Dawson Overland Trail north from the Takhini River Road staging area. We are planning a trip next week to continue this project.

Back in Whitehorse volunteers are also using a recently awarded tourism grant to brush out and clean up several areas of multi-use trail. We’ve made good progress on the McLean Lake trail and are also hoping to do some brushing on the lower section of the Coal Lake and Mt. McIntyre trails before the snow comes.

When the snow does come we will be ready, as some of our trail volunteers have also generously donated some of their summer time to service our snow groomers so they will be ready to groom for you!

New members and volunteers are always welcome! If you are interested in volunteering with us you can check out our Volunteer page or contact us directly any time.

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