International Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week

International Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week

10 February 2023 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

February 11th through 19th 2023 is International Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week!

Surveys show that many people are interested in snowmobiling but just aren’t sure how or where to get started. You likely know a few people who don’t snowmobile but would be interested in trying it if invited to a convenient opportunity, and you also likely know someone you used to ride with back in the day that would come out for a ride if invited. International Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week was created to address these and now takes place every February.

International Take A Friend Snowmobiling week is a perfect opportunity for you and other snowmobilers around the world to dust off any extra gear you may have around and invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers out for a snowmobile ride and show them what snowmobiling is all about.

During this time we encourage all of our members to invite your friends out for an easy ride to introduce them to the wonderful world of snowmobiling. With new snowmobilers we highly recommend you also spend some time with them before you ride to go over how to safely operate a snowmobile, ensure they are dressed appropriately, help them with the safety gear, and briefly explain everything that is about to happen. Also after your ride make sure you take a few minutes to ask them how they liked the ride and offer some guidance on how to proceed if they want to do more snowmobiling in the future.

You can take your friends out on your own time or you can join one of many organized group rides hosted by snowmobile clubs and associations around the world. Here in the Yukon you can join the Klondike Snowmobile Association’s annual Take A Friend group ride on Saturday February 11th, details are posted on our events page at!

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