International Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week

International Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week

01 February 2024 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

February 10th through 19th is International Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week!

Do you know someone who doesn’t snowmobile but might be interested in trying? Turns out there are many people who are interested in snowmobiling, however they’re just not sure where or how to get started.

International Take A Friend Snowmobiling Week is your chance to dust off any extra riding gear you can find, fire up all of your sleds, and invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers out for a ride to show them what snowmobiling is all about.

Take them out on your own time or join us on Saturday 17 Feb 2024 for our annual Take A Friend group ride, we’ll be sticking to routes suitable for beginners so riders of all skill levels and snowmobiles off all types are welcome. Details are on our events page at

Invite your friends out for a ride this week! A few tips:
– Many people are interested but not sure how to ask, so make a point of reaching out to them about snowmobiling.
– Before you go take some time to make sure they are wearing the appropriate warm winter clothing and a properly fitting helmet.
– While the snowmobiles are warming up give your new riders a quick demonstration of how the snowmobile works and what all of the controls do, as well as some safety instructions.
– Have a briefing and go over where you’re going to go and how everyone should be riding.
– Start off with easy trails and go slow to give your riders a chance to get comfortable.
– Keep an eye on everyone in the group and stop frequently to make sure everyone is okay and nobody gets lost.
– Give your new riders plenty of chances to ask questions.
– After the ride be sure to send them home with some information about how to proceed if they want to do more snowmobiling.

Enjoy your rides, bring your friends, and we’ll see y’all on Saturday the 17th for our group ride!

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