Wheeled Vehicles On Trails

Wheeled Vehicles On Trails

18 November 2021 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Snow is here again, which means time for winter fun!

We love sharing the trails with as many people as possible, however operating wheeled vehicles on multi-use trails during the winter produces wheel ruts in the snow that are dangerous for other trail users and can take our volunteer groomer operators several hours to groom smooth again.

Motorized vehicles are allowed and welcome on most multi-use trails in the Yukon, however during the snow season they must be fitted with tracks and/or skis to avoid causing wheel ruts.

We kindly ask everyone to please avoid driving wheeled vehicles such as cars, trucks, ATVs, side by sides, etc. (unless of course they are fitted with tracks) on multi-use trails during the winter snow season, and to please encourage your friends and family to avoid it as well.

In Whitehorse if you see anyone on wheels driving on multi-use trails between November 1st and March 31st of each year you can also report it directly to the trouble line at 867 667 2111, it’s available 24-7.

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