Code of Ethics



The Klondike Snowmobile Association encourages every snowmobiler to follow this Snowmobiler Code of Ethics, which was developed by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Associations.  We also encourage all snowmobilers to take the pledge to only ride within areas open to snowmobile and help protect future access to these trails and riding areas, see below for details…


Snowmobiler Code of Ethics

I understand and accept the risks associated with snowmobiling and I will take responsibility for my own actions. Furthermore, as a responsible snowmobiler…

Snowmobiling is a great source of recreation

  • I will ride in manner that is a credit to our recreation
  • I will influence other snowmobilers to adhere to this Code of Ethics
  • I will respect the rights of others including property owners and other outdoor enthusiasts

Everyone enjoys the outdoors

  • I will protect our natural environment and minimize my impact on it
  • I will ride in a responsible manner and only in areas that are open to snowmobiles
  • I will obey all laws and rules governing our recreation
  • I will kindly share multi-use trails and areas with other user groups
  • I will not harass or harm wildlife or their natural surroundings

Responsible Snowmobilers come home

  • I will ride smart and stay in control
  • I will plan ahead and be prepared
  • I will do my best to help anyone in distress
  • I will promote snowmobile education and safety
  • I will have zero tolerance for impaired riding


Take the Pledge

The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association and members of the snowmobiling community around the world are joining together with the Take The Pledge campaign.  Snowmobilers continuing to venture through private property, sensitive areas and other areas closed to snowmobiling is becoming a real threat to future access to snowmobiling, so we are encouraging everyone to help protect our trails and riding areas by taking the pledge.  For more information please visit

I realize that illegal off-trail riding is closing access for all snowmobilers and endangering our riding freedoms. This is about more than my personal rights or my wishes.  This about the good of the entire riding community.

  • I Pledge to ride off trail only where I know it’s legal and accepted.
  • I Pledge to check before going off-trail if I don’t know.
  • I Pledge to protect access for future generations by doing the right thing.
  • I Pledge to protect access by encouraging those I ride with to take the Pledge also.

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