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Whether you’re new to the north or a long time sourdough, we’re sure you’ll love winter in the Yukon!  If you are travelling to the Yukon and interested in snowmobiling here we would love to hear from you and arrange to go riding. 

Our snow typically begins falling in October and most of the spring melt occurs in April, however the best months to come for snowmobiling (and most other winter activities) are January, February and March.  Winter temperatures in the Yukon can range anywhere from above 0c to below -50c, but typical winter temperatures for most of the Yukon are in the -5c to -25c range, perfect for many winter activities.

At this time the Klondike Snowmobile Association does not offer organized tours or snowmobile rentals, but there are local companies that specialize in this, such as Up North Adventures, Ruby Range Adventures and Yukon Wide Adventures.  Be sure to check out our Corporate Members list for more useful links.  These tours are perfect for visitors as they usually include snowmobile rental, transport to and from hotel, warm winter gear, helmets, snacks, professional local guide, and of course thorough safety instructions, all in one convenient package.

We also have several members that are always looking for excuses to go snowmobiling and would be happy to show you around, so if you are coming to the Yukon and you’re interested in snowmobiling here please do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help get you set up.

The Yukon is home to a variety of snowmobiling opportunities, suitable for every skill level from beginner to expert.  Most snowmobilers here do a mix of trail riding and mountain powder riding, but you can easily choose rides that include just trails, mainly mountain, or a mix of both.

Our trails range from easy groomed trails near town to remote wilderness routes far into the bush.  Wildlife sightings, historic sites, and scenic viewpoints are abundant along most Yukon trails.   

There are also several excellent mountain riding areas to choose from, all of which offer great powder, exciting challenges, fun play areas, and unbeatable views.

Unlike many other destinations, no trail permit is required to use the snowmobile trails in the Yukon.  There is a Whitehorse Safe Snowmobiler Card required to ride within the Whitehorse city limits, however this does not apply to anyone who is not a resident of Whitehorse and in the city for less than two weeks.  For more information on rules and regulations, please see our Snowmobile Bylaws page.

Although the Yukon is typically known as a summer destination, it’s also an excellent place to come for winter fun.  In addition to great snowmobiling, while you’re here you can also partake in dog sledding, do some downhill or cross country skiing, try ice fishing, go on a bush plane flight tour, see the aurora borealis, learn about our unique culture and colourful history through our many museums and cultural centres, experience some of our famous winter events, and much more.  If you just want to relax you can stroll through our historic towns, enjoy some delicious Yukon-roasted coffee, sample our award winning local beers, soak in our pools and hot springs, or enjoy a meal at one of our many world-class restaurants. 

For anyone with business to do or an event to host the Yukon also has several hotels, convention centres and meeting places offering year-round services.

A wide variety of accommodation options are available throughout the Yukon.  Modern deluxe hotels, family run bed & breakfasts, remote wilderness cabins, campgrounds, and just about everything in between can easily be found.  Many are open year-round, and some even offer special snowmobiler packages.

Snowmobile sales, parts and service is available for all major snowmobile brands in Whitehorse – check out our Yukon Snowmobile Dealers page and our Corporate Members list for more information.  Fuel, groceries and other basic supplies are available in most Yukon communities.

Coming to the Yukon has never been easier.  Air North, Yukon’s Airline (recently named best airline in Canada!) now has a fleet of modern jetliners based right here in the Yukon and proudly offers affordable year-round service between the Yukon and several major cities around Canada.  In addition to Air North, Whitehorse also has year-round service from Vancouver with Air Canada, seasonal service from Calgary on WestJet, and seasonal service from Frankfurt, Germany with Condor Airlines.

For those who prefer driving, most highways to and from the Yukon (including the famous Alaska Highway) are now paved and open year-round.  Our highways are regularly plowed and maintained and pass through some of the world’s most beautiful scenery.  Drivers need to come prepared however, as towns and services along these highways are hundreds of kilometers apart, and there is no phone or internet service along the way.  As a result it is essential that you plan your trip accordingly, use a reliable vehicle with good tires, and pack the appropriate fuel, supplies and equipment.  For more information and current highway conditions please visit

Once in the Yukon getting around is easy.  Many of our best snowmobiling areas are accessible by road, and most Yukon communities are on the highway network and have a nearby airport.  Most of the Yukon’s highways are well maintained and suitable for year-round travel, and rental vehicles are available in Whitehorse.  In addition to our highway network Air North offers scheduled air service between major communities and there are many smaller aircraft and helicopters available for charter that can take you almost anywhere. Be sure to check out our Corporate Members list for some links!  If you call ahead most accommodations and most tour operators will be happy to help arrange transport.

C.C.S.O. Deligates visit Big Blue


Thank you for considering a trip to the Yukon when making your travel plans.  Yukoners will appreciate your business and we’re sure you’ll have a great time here.  We look forward to snowmobiling with you soon!

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