Donations and Pavilions

Trans Canada Trail Donations and Pavilions


To make a donation to the Trans Canada Trail, call 1-800-465-3636 or visit  today!

– Your money goes to directly to supporting the Trans Canada Trail.
– Trans Canada Trail donations are tax deductible.
– You can also decide which territory or province your trail donation goes to.



Yukon Trans Canada Trail Pavilion Locations:

Whitehorse Pavilion
– Located in Rotary Park on the Yukon River waterfront
– Pavilion is the eighteen panel design

Watson Lake Pavilion
– Located beside the Northern Lights Centre
– Pavilion is the four panel design

Mayo Pavilion
– Located at the Binet House Museum in the centre of the Village of Mayo
– Pavilion is the four panel design

Dawson City Pavilion
– Located at the south end of the dike on the downtown waterfront
– Pavilion is the four panel design



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