International Groomer Of The Year

International Groomer Of The Year

26 June 2024 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

The International Snowmobile Hall of Fame has announced the 2024 winners of its annual awards, and the International Groomer of the Year is a Yukoner…

Please join us in congratulating Harris Cox for his International Groomer of the Year Award!

The International Groomer of the Year award is to give credit to groomer operators who have put exceptional amounts of time, energy and devotion to grooming trails for the rest of us to enjoy.

Harris has volunteered countless hours grooming multi-use trails throughout the Yukon each and every season for over 60 years now. The Klondike Snowmobile Association is very greatful to have Harris on our team and we are very excited to see his hard work recognized with this award!

Harris started grooming cross-country ski trails in 1958 and then snowmobile trails in 1975 towing old bed springs. He joined the Klondike Snowmobile Association (KSA) in 1998. He has been a Director for KSA the entire time and is currently their Vice President. His primary role has always been about grooming the trails. He grooms about 20 hours per week every season which generally lasts five months. All his work is voluntary and unpaid. As the main groomer operator, Harris is the one who coordinates all grooming with landowners and other trail user groups. He works with trail sponsors to secure fuel donations and any other support he can solicit for the grooming program. Harris also trains new groomer operators and is responsible for keeping the board of directors current on the status of the grooming equipment and the trail system. Harris has always been a strong advocate of structured snowmobile trail riding. He takes pride in the partnerships KSA has with all levels of government. Harris never ventures off the marked trail and strongly encourages others to follow his example. While out riding the trails, Harris often stresses safe riding practices with other trail users, mostly in regard to excessive speed. Harris has committed his retirement years to organized snowmobiling and volunteers approximately 400 hours annually to grooming and equipment maintenance plus many more hours on trail projects, board meetings and other association activities. He is a snowmobiling ambassador for the KSA and the Yukon Territory. With over 50 years of commitment to trail grooming, Harris Cox has earned the distinction of becoming the 2024 International Snowmobile Groomer of the Year. 

– International snowmobile hall of fame

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