Klondike Snowmobile Association 2022 Update

Klondike Snowmobile Association 2022 Update

07 November 2022 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Another winter is upon us, and with that came another Annual General Meeting. With that out of the way for another year we are happy to report that the Klondike Snowmobile Association is doing well!

The past year was once again a success for the K.S.A. with projects going well, financials and membership numbers remaining at healthy levels, and a ton of good work accomplished by our volunteers.

Despite a few mechanical issues we still managed several dozen grooming runs last winter and our fleet is now ready to go for another season of grooming which should be commencing in the next few weeks. We also accomplished hundreds of hours worth of summer work, including completing a Trans Canada Trail highway signage project and numerous multi-use trail cleanup projects. We are currently in a good position to continue this work going forward and if you’re interested in helping out with summer or winter work check out our volunteer page or contact us directly.

Our 2022/2023 Board of Directors was elected at our AGM and the new board is much the same as the 2021/2022 board with most of the executive and directors having been re-elected into the same positions.

At our AGM we also passed a special resolution for the new Klondike Snowmobile Association society constitution and bylaws which are required for us to begin the transition to the Yukon’s new Societies Act. This shouldn’t have much impact on our membership as it’s mostly just an update to some behind-the-scenes administrative procedures. More information is on our news page at https://ksa.yk.ca/news/newksasocietyconstitutionandbylaws/ and a copy of our society’s constitution and bylaws is available any time upon request.

Financially we are stable with the membership fees, grants and donations currently coming in comfortably covering our operating costs. Stay tuned for news on more projects and equipment coming soon!

Membership numbers are also healthy with over 900 already signed up for the 2022/2023 membership year, and new and renewal memberships still trickling in. Membership fees help pay for grooming, membership numbers significantly strengthens our voice when advocating for Yukon snowmobilers, and we are once again offering all members some great benefits and discounts. Please help us spread the word by encouraging your family, friends and co-workers to consider signing up. Full details, a list of benefits and discounts, and an online application form are all available from our Membership page.

Interested in some snowmobile events this season? We have a few group rides in the plans already and are hoping to add more soon. Check our events page often for updates on our coming events and if you have an idea for a group snowmobile ride or event please let us know!

A huge thank you to everyone supporting the Klondike Snowmobile Association! We are nothing without our members and volunteers, plus our Corporate Members are also a huge help so please consider supporting these businesses.

See you on the snow soon!
Klondike Snowmobile Association

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