Trails Update March 2024

Trails Update March 2024

23 March 2024 – Klondike Snowmobile Association

Spring has started in much of the southern Yukon, and with that the trail conditions are changing fast.

Most trails and riding areas around Whitehorse and much of the southern Yukon are still open for snowmobiling, however please be aware many now have limited snow depth and some sunny areas will have patches of bare ground. Ice in areas with flowing water is also beginning to open up.

While snowmobiling please use extra caution as hard and icy snow conditions can increase stopping distance and make it easier to loose control, and also keep an eye on your temperature gauges as many snowmobiles are more likely to overheat in these conditions.

The City of Whitehorse has begun plowing and clearing of paved multi-use trails for the spring as the icy conditions were becoming too hazardous for other trail users. Hamilton Boulevard trail and others like it are now plowed for the spring season.

Snow farther north in the Yukon is still good for riding, so it’s a great time of year to consider a trip north.

We’ll keep our trail conditions page running for a few more weeks as farther north still has snow as well as the summit areas so please do continue to report trail conditions to us!

Ride safe and enjoy the snow while you still can!

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